Dec 21, 2015

Delivery Science listed as one of the best Tech Start-ups in Africa, 2015

Named the most impressive new startup of 2015 so far, Delivery Science is an experienced and competent team solving a real problem with real customers and local context. Delivery Science claims that access to data and data inferences enables consumer goods companies to plug leakages in the transport system. According to DS, these leakages can sometimes amount to as much as 25% of the total value of the goods being transported. As a result of advances in cloud computing, Internet-of-Things technology, and supercomputers in our pocket becoming readily-available commodities, a solution that abstracts away complexity while tightly integrating needed functionality into a low-friction, cost-effective model can finally be viable, and this is what Delivery Science provides.

They use a physical hardware device which is installed on the vehicle to monitors goods tampering, drivers taking on unauthorized jobs, and for people transporters, calculates approximate fare the vehicle should have received that day based on number of people who have got on the vehicle, places they’ve got off, and average fares for those routes.

The potential for success is astounding as this start-up is tackling a major problem in the transport industry.