Designer Application Form

As a Designer, you have an unrelenting focus on the customer – their problems, their goals, their delights, their frustrations, etc. and how through your designs, you can help increase delight and reduce frustration.

Incoming designers are requested to complete the design practical below:

Test Questions

1. Create a mobile design for a field user using market, order, payment, OR delivery data modules of Fieldinsight.  Please look through our website for more information and our sales deck (click here)

The user using this interface:

  • is busy, distracted, has divided attention, and is always on the go in the field
  • is not very tech savvy
  • wants something as easy to use as WhatsApp
  • appreciates a positive, approachable design
  • is probably secondary school educated and in some instances just has a primary school education

2. Create a dashboard design for a management user whose field team are using market, order, payment, or delivery data modules of Fieldinsight 

The user using this interface:

  • wants ALL relevant information/insight at their fingertips
  • doesn’t have patience to “learn” a new interface or its functionality
  • is somewhat tech able but scared of looking silly while using new tech
  • spends approximately 30%-40% of their time out in the field and still needs access to this insight on the go.
  • appreciates a positive, approachable design
  • is university educated


Submission Instructions

Please provide links to the following:

  1. Explainer video on Youtube explaining the design, your sketches, and thought process
  2. Upload a folder with your designs, your interim paper (or other material) sketches, wireframes, and any/all work-in-progress (We would like to see how you break down the problem and work through things.)

If the work seems too much, reach out, let us know your concerns and we’ll see how we can work with whatever you have.

The idea behind the design practical is to put you in the frame of understanding the kind of work you and your teammates will be doing at DS, so you can show that you have successfully grokked the basics of what we do and we can work from day one on getting you to align to how we do things here.

We like what Joel Califa did here as a designer who wanted to work with DigitalOcean = > 

As soon as you’re done, please follow the submission instructions and we’d be happy to have you in for a chat about the next steps.

If you have any questions please reach out using [email protected]