Developer Application Form

Test Question

Build an application (Front-end (Web or Mobile) and Back-end) that allows a user to register, login and create orders consisting of multiple products. The application would send an email and SMS notification to the user for each order they create with details of the items selected. Admin not required but a plus if added.

Submission Instructions

  1. Create a Bit bucket account and a repository where your code is uploaded for evaluation. This is a free service. Watch the video below to guide you
  2. Use wireframes image on next page as a guide.
  3. Mandatory languages: Front end (Choose one of ReactJS, Vue, ReactNative, Nativescript-Vue), Back end (Sails.js)
  4. For Email and SMS notification use free services like Amazon SES and Twilo
  5. Create a link to the application hosted on Heroku. This is also a free service.Watch the video below to guide you
  6. Share a Postman Collection with environment variables required to test your backend.

If you have any questions please reach out using [email protected]