Jun 21, 2019

4 simple tips to creating an excellent client list

Attracting and creating a robust client list may seem difficult but follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to attract a slew of new customers.

As an entrepreneur, your client base is the lifeblood of your company. A healthy growth of clients allows you to grow your business and accomplish your company’s vision.

Stay winning by checking off these simple steps to build your dream client list!

1. Like the back of your hands, know the ins and outs of the industry you are in

It is vital to have thorough industry knowledge of the goods or services you offer in order to attract customers. Speaking to potential customers with conviction will spike their interest to buy because they see how knowledgeable you are and will feel secure enough to trust and ask for your assistance.

If you are wondering how to build this knowledge, have no fear, we gotchu:

  • Studying people in several roles and teams within your space will give you a sense of how work should be done. There, you should learn what people do and how they influence the success of the company. You do not need to study every department, just make it crucial to understand key elements in key business units. Attempt to study regularly.
  • Why not keep up with different aspects of the operational activities within your company? For example, you could observe the day to day activities of your sales personnel; doing so will give you insight into aspects of your business, you may have not considered. In time you will come to see the full view of what issues are unresolved and need answers within your space.


2. Identify your target audience Male? 30-65? Earns ₦150k per month...

Once you identify your target audience, the rest is smooth sailing. You need to know what these people see, feel, think, hear, say, and do on a daily basis; you should even know what their pains and gains are. Think about how you can relate with your customers; thereafter you should seek to define the pain points of your customers as a problem statement.

For example, a mother buying baby food. Who in this is the end user in this scenario? The purchasing mother or the baby --the consumer of your product? In this case, who should you be marketing to? Finally, avoid grouping an entire gender or race together in a broad statement. Not all women, millennials, men, Hausas, or 60-year-olds will appreciate your product or service and oversizing your target market may reduce your chances at developing viable targeted campaigns for attracting customers.

3. Where can they be found? At what times?

After you have created your ideal customer persona, you need to sniff out where they are likely to be found.

Where are they located geographically? Where do they reside? Where do they work? Where are they when they purchase your goods or services? Can they be reached online? Offline? Once you find out, create personalized messages for them.

Where your customers are located is dependant on the nature of your business. If you run an online business then the best places to look would be social media pages and online forums. While prime locations to source for offline potentials would be at seminars, industry-focused groups such as the ones listed in step 1, conferences, and conventions within your industry.

So, you know who, you know where, what about when? it is especially crucial to know when your customers are likely to buy your product. What needs to happen in your customer’s life to push the process of purchasing? What season, time, and day does your customer feel the need to buy?

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4. Create a simple client list

Your best chance of reaching out and capturing the interest of customers online is to use methods to make them take action on a specific goal, such as “click here to join our mailing list”, or “Request for a demo here” . While, offline contacts can be directly collected from the events you attend such as or TechPoint and immediately you have contact with them online or offline, keep a proper record of their details using this

There you have it, the top foolproof 4 ways to build a client list, revealed! Check back to find out how the Fieldinsight solution that will help solve the issues with the traffic grid at the Apapa port ! to find out how Fieldinsight can provide a solution unique to your needs.

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