What is Fieldinsight?

Fieldinsight is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that connects the office to the field by enabling the collection, submission, aggregation and presentation of information collected by field personnel in an easy to understand and share format, to a team in the office, in near real time, who can then make quick decisions based on the information.

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How can Fieldinsight help me grow my business?

Fieldinsight is designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency. With our solution, you can create customers and prospect databases that you can update in real-time as you learn more about your contacts. Fieldinsight helps simplify your processes and ensure more is done efficiently in as little time as possible.

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What type of business can use Fieldinsight?

Fieldinsight is designed to scale easily to accommodate every business size, from small businesses to global enterprises. The benefits and advantages of the cloud apply equally to all businesses regardless of size.

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Does Fieldinsight work on mobile devices?

Yes. Fieldinsight is currently supported on Android (v7.0+). It is also supported through a web browser with internet connection. For a complete list of compatible mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

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Do you need an internet connection to work with Fieldinsight?

Yes however, our application works offline first, so once you are connected to the internet, your data will automatically sync to the cloud.

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Do I need to install a server to use Fieldinsight?

You do not need to install a server to use Fieldinsight. Everything happens in the cloud and this way you can save some money on physical infrastructure.

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How do I get updates?

We send release notes informing all our customers of any upgrades we implement.

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Is my data secure with Fieldinsight?

Yes, the data is saved in the cloud and we leverage on Google Cloud’s infrastructure

How do I pay for Fieldinsight?

You can decide the plan that works for your business and you can find the one that suits you the most.

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Can I try before I buy?

Yes. We offer 3 user free, one administrator, a mobile user and a field user, so you can get a feel of how it works and this helps you decide that Fieldinsight is right for your business.

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Will I get support when I want to start using Fieldinsight?

Yes. We provide support through our online channels and via phone. If you want more personalized help rolling out Fieldinsight, our Customer Success team is ready to help every step of the way.

How long is the setup process for Fieldinsight?

You can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Setup is pretty easy compared to the time it takes to install software on individual machines across an entire organization.

How do I get started using Fieldinsight?

Just click on the Get Started button and sign up.

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