May 06, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg meets Delivery Science Co-Founder and other Tech Leaders in Lagos Nigeria

A select few in the tech scene were invited to speak with Mr. Zuckerberg in a private session, which included the likes of Mark Essien of and Chika Ofili Co-Founder Delivery Science.

After the session, Chuka was interviewed and quoted by BBC. Here’s the excerpt:

“Having someone of that caliber coming into Africa and wanting to see the technology cluster, I think is a good one, because it then shows that the world is beginning to recognize talent in Africa. Say this 5 years ago and people will tell you ‘oh, they want to take talent out of Africa’ but now, it’s a different case. It establishes that we are on the map now and that’s a good thing.” Link here.

Delivery Science is as enthused as other technology companies in Nigeria that an icon like Mark will come to Africa and not go for a safari, but instead visit a business hub that is shaping to become a major player in the global technology market in the near future.