May 08, 2019

The Data Managers

“Google Launchpad is intensive in a good way because it is a huge fire hole of information, knowledge, frameworks, and playbooks. We have made significant network and friendship. We have seen that what we are solving in Africa is also valid for Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe. It is also valid for Asia. We have met people who are going to help us into those markets in the next couple of months that we would have not met in a million years and it is invaluable.”

The above were the words of the Chief Executive Officer of Delivery Science, Lanre Oyedotun, at the Google developers Launchpad Accelerator Programme, at the Google headquarters in San Francisco, United States. He co-founded the technology startup company with Chuka Ofili and Dr. Toyin Oshinowo, the Chief Enterprise Architect and Vice-President, Product respectively, after experiencing challenges of non-accountability in his petroleum business. The business was meant to bring him passive income. But it failed to live up to this core mandate. Oyedotun’s truck drivers didn’t give accurate reports after making product supplies. On his part, he couldn’t track their locations, activities, or monitor what happened to the trucks from the point of loading to the delivery. The money he invested went down the drain and the business crashed.

Ugo Aliogo writes on Delivery Science, a technology startup poised to assist large organisations get data from the field to manage and monitor their distribution assets better.

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