Personal Settings

How do I change my details?

Go the the settings page and click on the personal settings here you can change your username as well as password.

Note: Only the admin has access to the other settings on the app.

Organization Settings

How do I change my company’s details?

Ans: You can change the company’s logo as well as the company's name and address on this page.

How do I see my wallet Balance ?

Ans: You can see this in the Billings setting page.

How do I upgrade my users?

Ans: This can also be done in the Billings Setting page. See image below:

How do I change my currency type or add a new currency?

Ans: Go to the order settings page and add or change currency. See image below.


What features do the Fieldinsight plans have?

Ans: No matter your company's needs, Fieldinsight has the features to help your CRM process move seamlessly. To view the plans click here.