I have other Customer types aside Wholesalers, Retailers and Open Market. Is it possible to customize the Customer type to my style?

Ans: Yes, you can add other customer types apart from the ones listed above. The platform is structured to fit your specific business needs.

I have huge Customer demands and my customer base is over a thousand, Will I need to upload them one after another?

Ans: No, you do not need to upload them one after the other. You can do a bulk upload. Download the template provided from the ”Bulk Create” button to create a structure for your customer list and upload on Fieldinsight.

Why do I need to manually input my customers on my computer in order to create them, is it possible to upload it en mass?

Ans: Yes, you can bulk upload your customers; refer to question 2 above. However, you do not need to upload all the customers from the back office. Customers can be created on the mobile device.

What is the difference between Team and customer?

Ans: Your customer is the person that buys goods and services from your business. But the team is your member of staff that is using the Fieldinsight platform. This person can also be referred to as a user.

How do I add customers on web/ mobile?

Ans: Click on the customer button on the side bar. Create the customer. Enter the customer, the location and customer representative details.

For Mobile, enter the customer’s details on the form and save. You will enter the details of the customer’s representative as well. Eg Manager or Team lead for the business.

How do I delete customer details?

Ans: Just let your cursor over the customer’s name and you will see the delete button.

How do I update customer details?

Ans: Click on the customer and you can see the edit button for each of the forms.

What is the difference between customer type and customer?

Ans: Customer is the person who buys your goods and services. Customer type is the grouping of customers into clusters for easy identification and price management.

What is the difference between users and drivers?

Ans: Users are members of your team that use the Fieldinsight app for Sales purposes. They get orders with the app. The drivers use the app for delivery, that is, with the drivers’ use of the app you get delivery insight. Please note that in the case of van sales reps that deliver as well as collect orders; they can use the application as both the driver and user. In addition, a user can also be a member of your team that as access to the web platform but is not an admin.

Is it requisite that I have vehicles and Drivers in order to use this Application?

Ans: No, it is not a requisite to have vehicles and drivers. You can use the Fieldinsight app for just customer enumeration and taking of orders.

What if my Customers can’t use or don’t do online payment. Can they still transact with me on this platform?

Ans: Yes, they can. Your sales officer can get the orders and the payment status can be changed as soon as your account team confirms payment for the order.


I have more than One facility used as warehouse, will it make my use of this application clumsy?

Ans: No it will not. You can have as many Facilities on Fieldinsight as you like. There is no limit to the number of Facilities you can have.

What is the essence of the Add User feature on the Dashboard?

Ans: This is to enable you to add new users or team members to the Fieldinsight application.

What is a team?

Ans:Team on Fieldinsight are your members of staff that will be using the App. They are also known as "users".

Note: On the free plan, you are given 3 free users. You can add a web or mobile user

What is the difference between a device user and a web user?

Ans: A device user is one that is created on the web

Platform but uses the Fieldinsight Mobile app. A web user as the name implies is a Fieldinsight user with only access to the web platform.

How do I add more team members?

Ans: Fieldinsight gives you three free users for life. To create team members for your business, click on team on the side bar, then click on create.

What is billings?

Ans: This is the part of the app where you manage your subscription fee and users. To do this, Click on setting on the side bar, then click on Billing setting to pay for new users and subscription type.

Can I choose a specific subscription model?

Ans: Yes you can choose a subscription model that soothes your team.

What is the difference between Organization and Facility?

Ans: Organisation in Fieldinsight entails the details of your company. This includes; the currency in use as well as company logo. Facility is where your goods are stored and picked up from to be delivered to customers.


How do I upload all products I have at once as against having to manually type them one after another?

Ans: You can upload all your product at once by clicking on the bulk create button and downloading the template provided to structure your product list. Once this is done, you can upload all.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can upload?

Ans: No. There is no limit to the number of product that can be uploaded.

I am not a Nigerian user can I change the currency to fit my country?

Ans: Yes. You can change the currency to fit any country in the world. You can also use more than one currency for your set up.

Can I add more than one customer type to a product?

Ans: You can add as many customer type that you want to any product and create price tiers with for the product.

How many price tiers can I create?

Ans: You can create as many Price tier as you wish.


Does Fieldinsight support multiple orders placements?

Ans: Yes it does. You can have as many orders as you wish on the app.

Is it possible to track the location of my Drivers while going to deliver an order to customers?

Ans: Yes it is possible to track the location of your driver using the maps on the app.

Can I confirm payment on an order?

Ans: Yes you can confirm payments on an order once a bank payment has been made.

Can I use the app to generate invoices?

Ans: Yes you can generate invoices. An invoice is automatically generated on every order.

Can I see the customer location on the app?

Ans: Yes you can, once a customer’s location has been mapped on the mobile, you can see it on the web as well.

Can I have different status on my orders to help me track it better?

Ans: Yes you can have different status - Pending, Paid, Customer Confirmed, Dispatched, Delivered.

Other Questions

How does this application help my business growth and development?

Ans: Fieldinsight is designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency. With our solution, you can create customers and prospect databases that you can update in real-time as you learn more about your contacts. Fieldinsight helps simplify your processes and ensure more is done efficiently in as little time as possible.

Why do I need to upgrade my Account?

Ans: To get more features on the platform, please refer to the company website.

Can my staff using the mobile app make use of their existing Android devices or is there a peculiar device to be bought?

Ans: There are some requirements for the mobile devices, please refer to the website to see them If the device fits the requirement then Yes they can use it.

Can the mobile app work offline as my field agents sometimes go to places with low internet availability.

Ans: Yes it can. All Fieldinsight application work offline first. And when connected to the internet, the data automatically syncs.

How long before the web app users detect activities from the mobile after sync?

Ans: As soon as the data syncs, it can be seen on the web platform